Spiritual and Trauma Coaching

Life is relationships – to each other, ourselves, God, sex, money, whatever.

Relationships are physiological – they start in your nervous system and in your body (limbic)

You can only connect to a similar nervous system.

If you want to really change your life once and for all, you have to change your nervous system – your physiology.

This is why children of alcoholics tend to become or marry alcoholics or victims of abuse become abusers or marry them.  It’s why we tend to have the same relationships over and over.  It gets programmed into our nervous (limbic) systems.

I can show you what went wrong and how to fix it.


In our coaching sessions I will show you how and why you turned out the way you did, why you do the things you do and make the choices you make.  I will also show you the ways to fix them.  You’ve all heard ‘change your thoughts, change your life’ by now.  I will explain to you why this isn’t enough and what you need to do to really change your life.


 I use all the healing modalities I’ve learned in the coaching sessions to accelerate your well-being

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